Strange Vegetables You Never Thought You’d Bring Camping

Breakfast: Eggplant Omelets Looking for an omelet that doesn’t require chopping ingredients and is also rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. To prepare eggplant omelets first stab some holes in your eggplant with a fork then heat it over a fire to pre-cook until the skin starts to brown or peel. Then allow the […] Read more…


Swim In Your Clothes

Oxybenzone is a genotoxicant to corals. It causes bleaching and transforms planula into a deformed, sessile condition.[1] If you had to summarize that statement in non-science terms this chemical sounds like death for coral. Yet chances are you rub oxybenzone all over your skin before jumping into the ocean or even walking on the beach […] Read more…


Your International Mountain Guide

Meet Raymond. You arrive at the park entrance center on your international vacation hoping to do some mountain climbing before you fly home.  The park headquarters just assigned Raymond to be your guide on a 3-day expedition to summit the most technical mountain climb in the Philippines. He does not speak English. Do you trust […] Read more…

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