Did you wait too long to book 4th of July plans? Or, like me, did you just find out that you have the day off? Here’s a quick list of last-minuet things to do over the 4th of July.

Take a “Staycation”

There’s nothing wrong with backyard camping. If you missed out on your favorite getaway, then pop your tent in the back yard and enjoy a quiet night under the stars. This is a great way to “get away” with the kids, plus, you get all the amenities of a public campground with the added benefit of shelter in bad weather. The backyard can host a variety of events such as white sheet movie screenings, home-style BBQ’s and even gourmet s’mores cooked over a fire pit (if you have one).

Find a Small Town

While everyone is celebrating the 4th of July at the popular destinations, you can escape to the nearest small town. Enjoy a peaceful vacation without all of the traffic, people or distractions. I’ve never been to a town that doesn’t shoot fireworks so even in the smallest of towns you’ll be privy to a wonderful display of Americanism. Load up the mini-van and drive a couple hours in any destination and you’re bound to find a quaint little place to hang your hat for the weekend.

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Crash your Friend’s TripWedding_crashers_poster

Hey, there’s always room for more, right? A true friend will always let you third wheel it along with them on their romantic holiday weekend. Bring a cot to throw on the floor or hammock to hang in and feel free to join in on your buddy’s fun. While you’re there, be sure to show up totally unprepared, drink all of their beer and definitely steal all of the food, that way you know you’ll be invited back next year. All jokes aside, this is probably your best option.

Find a Community Event

There are no shortages of community events over America’s favorite holiday. If you forgot to make plans, grab a hammock and head down to the nearest parade, festival or park and enjoy some of the day’s festivities. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that on a 3 day weekend, it can be just as much fun to stay home.

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