It’s festival season; time for hot days, late nights and boogie ‘til you drop tunes. Setting up camp for a music festival is more of an art form than anything else. You’re sure to walk by a few sites and wonder what kind of crew they had setting up camp, with pools, DJ’s and foam machines ready for the weekend. Let’s stick to the basics and fill in the need-to-knows of setting up successfully.


Trees, canopy’s, tarps, and tapestries; learn it, love it, live it. This is your key to being happy all weekend. Everyone loves a good tan, but having the ability to escape the blazing sun will allow you to enjoy longer and keep you going later. Bring plenty of cord or rope in order to tie your roof together, and if you have a bit of extra room throw your tent underneath. Designate your cooking area and create a community space by throwing a cooler in the middle as the coffee table. Now it feels like home.

Get there early

Space get’s sparse as the days go on. Ifyou are rolling with a larger group and are trying to lock down a piece of land send a couple people in early. Chances are you have a buddy who doesn’t have a full-time gig and they can head over a couple days before you to set up tents, build your canopy forest, and welcome you like it was a hotel. Make sure you buy them a beer or three for the effort. If you can’t show up early, find your space and start laying tents out. Don’t spend time setting them up until they are all claiming space.Busy_Camping

Communal food

This takes a little planning but will be worth it in the end. Splitting costs for food, putting together family dinners, and using one cooler for beer will streamline everything and keep camp tidy. Getting to your site and having six coolers, bags and bags of food just gets complicated. If what you have is what you’re sharing, you never feel like you are dipping into someone else’s stash. Sharing is caring. Camping Checklist   |   Gimmy S’mores!   |   Music Mash-Up

The extras:

 413278_10151133880587323_219616465_oLight it up: Just because the sun went down doesn’t mean the party stops. Bring your headlamp for a walk through tent world and Christmas lights with a battery pack to keep camp lively.

 Water: Bring a backpack with a bladder that you can refill. This saves you on carrying around a water bottle all day and you can pack a few extras. Stock yourself with at least one gallon of water at camp for backup. The festival should have water fill stations but don’t relay on it!

Speakers: Yes, there will be plenty of music, but why not keep it going at camp.Waking up with a little Jack Johnson never killed anybody.

Squirt guns: Making friends is easy when you’re cooling them down. Bring a squirt gun or squirt fan to keep you and your neighbor’s cool during the day.

Hats: Essential and fun. Keep your eyes out of the sun while showing off your true personality with your choice of headwear.

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