Work hard play hard. This is a motto that outdoor adventurers live by, but many fulfill this lifestyle as a weekend warrior. What people forget is how they can take advantage of the hours between five and nine. It’s time to break the routine and take advantage of the other hours in your day!  Here are a few tips on how to make your Wednesday feel like a Saturday

Where to go10408578_10102502270322089_6745852033588183341_n

Pick a place that is about an hour out and fits the car camping scenario. Choose what you want out of the trip: A campsite that has access to a mountain biking trail or maybe the perfect place for a sunset hike. This will help you narrow your options and get the most out of your midweek adventure. While you’re searching for the perfect place make sure to keep a running list so you can start checking them off in the future.

 Time is precious

Time is of the essence with a midweek camping trip so pack what you need and do it the night before. As soon as the clock strikes five, hit the road! Stop on the way and grab a quick bite for dinner. This will save room when packing and time from cooking. When the sun starts creeping in  he next morning wake up! Spending a few extra minutes at camp in the morning, sipping coffee and enjoying breakfast will revive you for the rest of the week on the grind.

Keeping it clean11223857_10102502270836059_5862641677190700504_n

 You’re probably wondering how to keep it clean so the campfire odor doesn’t follow you into the office. Let’s assume you don’t have an alpine lake nearby  – but if you do it’s time for quick dip to clean the dirty off. Without the lake you need three things, deodorant, toothbrush and the key to it all, baby wipes. Yes, baby wipes. Three or four of these lifesavers and you’ll smell and feel like you just jumped out of the shower.

Post a photo.11249152_10102502270381969_389354232266790023_n

When Friday morning hits and you can taste the weekend it’s time to relive your midweek rendezvous. Grab your favorite shot of camp and throw it up on Facebook. This not only gives you the chance reminisce and build enthusiasm for the weekend but you also get to make a few of your co-workers jealous. Maybe next time you can invite a couple of them along and show them what they’re missing.

The point to all of this is to re-imagine your week. If you’re stuck in day to day you will have a chance escape it all and get a fresh perspective on how you’re spending (or wasting) your time after work. Get out. Enjoy. Have a blast. Repeat.


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