Summer, spring and fall all have their perks to getting outside and sleeping under the stars. The spring brings wildflowers and waterfalls, summer allows for plenty of t-shirt time and the fall foliage really can’t be beat. As soon as the first frost hits, the tent moves from the trunk to the top shelf, which might be a mistake. Here are a few reasons to keep the tent in play for the whole year.


471513_10150825280092323_411255858_oAvoid the crowds

Whether you’re chasing surf in Southern California or a mountain vista in Colorado, you are sure to be surrounded by the masses doing the same. Reservations can be hard to come by and once you arrive, the tranquil picture you had in your mind might not be the reality with other campers a hop, skip and jump away. Come winter most folks have switched mindsets to staying inside and hitting hotels when they travel. There are plenty of places to avoid snow throughout the winter including the Utah desert, SoCal, and anywhere that’s not getting weather. Plan a few weekends where camping is top priority and start tracking the forecast a week or two out to plan the final destination.

Change the view

Imagine a campsite you’ve been going to your entire life. Now, picture it with a light dusting of snow and it’s like you’ve never been. It’s amazing what a few flakes can do and the renewed beauty might be exactly what your old stomping grounds needed after all those years. Each hike from your camp will enchant in ways that you may not expect. Be bold. Go cold!


FireA fire never felt so good

There is nothing like sitting around the fire at the end of a day with a few friends and cold beer. The fire works as more of a community space in the summer months, but come winter it’s all about the heat.  When the sun sets and temperature drops, your toes will have a whole new appreciation for that fire. It also gives you a good excuse to snuggle up with your special someone.


278824_10150328282467323_5588215_oWell, you’ll look tough as nails

Let’s face it. Winter camping isn’t for everyone, but if you take the chance and discover a new found love, you’re regular camping buddies might give you a couple cool points for braving the elements. But really the reward lies in the list above. So, get out there, keep camping and you’ll be creating FOMO everywhere when you post your pictures from an epic December weekend spent in the tent.  

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