Getting outside and enjoying the winter is well worth the effort, but those chilly temps can wear on the soul. When you remember that you’ve got a Thermos in your pack ready to warm you up, your second wind will kick into high gear! We want to share a few of our favorites that will ease your frosty fingers and get you through the rest of the day.


Cup of SoupNot only will it warm you up but you’ll get your lunch in as well. Chicken noodle or tomato bisque work well but any type will do. The salty broth, rich flavor and creamy texture is sure to bring a smile to your face. If you’re feeling friendly pass it around with your buddies and tell them they owe you a beer during Après Ski.

Hot Toddy

Hot ToddyThis delicious drink is a 2-for-1-type deal. Take your favorite tea, a few cloves, and a squeeze of lemon and add to your thermos. Now, splash the whiskey in. The serving is up to you. Not only will you sooth your throat with this frisky fusion, the whiskey blanket will add a few layers of warmth.

Tea with honey

Tea with HoneyQuick and easy, tea makes for a great last minute grab. Regardless of the tea you select add a few drips of honey in for a little sugar burst!


coffee_smileA classic cup of joe. Picture yourself on the summit after a long hike in ankle deep snow. Shivering and probably a little grumpy, you reach in your pack, take a sip of that black, bitter liquid only to find yourself on cloud 9. A quick jolt of energy and you’re ready for an enjoyable descent.

It may seem like unnecessary weight to add a thermos full of liquid to your pack but give it a go and we think you’ll get the point. Happy trails!

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