Every Memorial Day, I, along with a large group of friends, pack up the camping gear, some food, and coolers, and head north to Fairview, Michigan where I live in a tent for the better part of a week. The property is roughly 60 acres and has no power or running water. It’s just us, nature, and some beers.

IMG_5687For this year’s trip, I shacked up in a tent from The North Face that managed to keep me completely dry from the one storm that managed to find us…and this was even with my rainfly missing two poles. To keep food and beverages cold, I opted for a Yeti Tundra 65 cooler. I can’t say enough about how well it withstood the 85+ degree temperatures.


Like most trips, the weekend was non-stop; softball, kickball, Kan Jam, skeet shooting, canoeing down the AuSable river, dirt bike and quad riding, and of course chilling around the campfire. Our group for canoeing consisted of 30 boats that we tied together.


When it came to food, we did ourselves a huge favor by pre-cooking a lot of our dinners. If you have ever, or plan to ever travel with a large group of people (our group was around 30 people), I highly recommend this approach.  Here’s a photo of Summit’s Affiliate Marketing guy, Mitch Collins, preparing dinner for the night while enjoying a cold beverage in his Summit koozie.


When it comes to camping things can be unpredictable whether it’s temperatures, rain, or poor planning. But for this trip, things went off without a hitch. The food and company were great and the gear held up perfectly.

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