Breakfast: Eggplant Omelets

Looking for an omelet that doesn’t require chopping ingredients and is also rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. To prepare eggplant omelets first stab some holes in your eggplant with a fork then heat it over a fire to pre-cook until the skin starts to brown or peel. Then allow the eggplant to cool and peel off the skin with your hands for a softer texture. It comes off easily in flakes. Alternatively, you can also pre-cook the eggplant by boiling it. Skin on or off is your personal preference. Then, mash the eggplant with a fork to flatten it and dip it into a bowlful of whisked raw eggs like you would for French Toast. Cook the eggplant omelet in a frying pan to your liking. Pour any extra eggs into the frying pan onto of your eggplants to make a super omelet!

If you need some extra carbs for a big day long adventure serve your omelet inside a bagel sandwich. Or pack a large potato and try cooking an egg inside for a complimentary side dish. Here’s how:

Snack: Kale Chips

Munch on kale chips when you need an extra boost of energy! They are ultralight, healthy and delicious including an overabundance of vitamins A and C, calcium and other nutrients. Potential flavors include cheddar, salt and vinegar, spicy garlic and taco. They can be purchased at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and many other Grocery Stores.

Lunch: Green Wraps

Tortillas beat bread on any camping trip due to their high squishability rating. My favorite lunch is a wheat tortilla with any and all green vegetables plus peanut butter! I typically load my wrap with lettuce, sprouts, and cucumbers. Celery can go into the wrap too or can be a pb dip-able on its own. Peanut butter is my universal camp food go to. Comment with any other crazy pb creations you have invented while camping. And if you need a post-lunch snack, carrots dipped in your pb jar are perfect for walking along the trail.

Dinner: Zucchini pizza pockets

Slice a zucchini lengthwise. This can be seasoned with olive oil and spices or dipped in egg and coated in breadcrumbs. Cook the strips in aluminum foil over a fire or in a frying pan over your camp stove. If you’re super hungry you can eat the zucchini strips as soon as they are done! But if you can hold out another 10-15mins slice a wheat pita pocket in half and fill with pizza sauce, a cooked zucchini strip and mozzarella cheese. Heat in aluminum foil over the fire until the cheese melts. Enjoy! Zucchini comes packed with potassium and vitamin C to help prevent heart disease and potentially lower blood pressure. And although zucchini is served as a vegetable, it comes from a flower and is therefore botanically a fruit.

Bonus Dessert: Campfire Cake in an Orange Peel

You can use an emptied out orange peel as your dish for campfire baking! Cut an orange in half lengthwise and remove the fruit. Use the peel as a bowl for your batter. Check out the video:


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