Ah, camping. It’s a time to unwind from everyday stressors and immerse yourself in the rich beauty of nature. It can be a weeklong getaway, or a short weekend escape. Sometimes all we need is just a day out in the woods, and our minds can achieve the mental refresh and clarity that they so deserve. And it’s no secret that camping rewards our senses with an experience innate to our beings, something we all need to make more time for. But if you’re not the type of person who likes to sleep with pine cones in their sleeping bag, live off of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the week, or get a little dirty while out on the trail, then maybe luxury camping is for you. Some may know it as glam camping, or glamping, but however you name it, it’s no doubt a pleasurable experience. Sometimes, we want to explore the great outdoors without sacrificing modern comfort and amenities, and that’s totally cool! Or maybe you want a romantic trip with your significant other while secluded in the stillness of a forest, but don’t want to go without your chilled beverages, running water and soft, plush bed. Hey, no judgment there! Camping is whatever you make it, and how you enjoy it is personal preference. But the range of glamping varies from glampground to glampground, so find the things that are most important to you. To get you started in the art of luxury camping, check out the list below of a few things you should know to get you started.

1. Find the Glampground That’s Suitable for You.

GlampingFrom treehouses, to yurts, chic cabins or trailers, you have a wide array of options to choose from. But the most important place to start is where you want to glamp. Do you want to wake up on a lush mountainside, engulfed in a rolling, morning fog? Or maybe you prefer a forest canopy, filling you with green hues and the scent of fresh pine needles. For whatever style that fits your taste, you can explore hundreds of options at There’s a legit website dedicated to glamping, you ask? Yes, indeed there is. Don’t be surprised by the increasing popularity of glamping because it’s sweeping the nation!

2. Invest in or Rent the Proper Tent or RV.

GlampingIf you prefer to purchase or rent your own living quarters, there are great options as well. But the first thing you need to consider is what amenities you decide you want. With tents, you can get pretty extravagant with separated rooms, screened in porches and large doors and windows. But with trailers or RVs, you can definitely get a lot more. Depending on your price point, you can bring all of the comforts from home with you, including a stove, running water, bathroom, TV, fireplace, refrigerator, living room, and so much more. In this category, it really depends how glamp you’re willing to go. From there, you can find a campground that fits the vibe you’re searching for.

3. Serve up Some Hot Treats.

GlampingI really cannot stress how game changing this one is, glamping or not. Once I started bringing a stove on my adventures, the experience got a whole lot tastier. It’s important to have a nutritious meal before you hit the trails, and having the ability to cook up some hot plates packed with vitamins and flavors makes all the difference. After all, granola bars and bananas get old after a while, am I right? You can even use the stove to boil some hot water for your morning tea or coffee. What I like to do is brew a fresh, French press as I’m getting ready for the day, and throw it in my YETI Rambler so I can enjoy it in the woods. I’ve even rented a stove when traveling out of state, and had absolutely no regrets! Over easy eggs, grilled sourdough and hot veggies, anyone?

4. Electronics in Nature?

GlampingAlright, so normally I’m not a proponent of electronics while out in nature. The whole point is to get away from your all of your devices, but a little music never hurt anyone. A portable speaker will elevate the ambiance and enrich your glamping experience. You can also invest in a solar panel to charge up your devices, camera, and headlamps. The possibilities are endless!

5. Don’t Forget the Decorations!

GlampingWhat’s glamping without chic décor? To complete the process of a luxury camping trip, you have to make the space look and feel comfortable if you’re not staying in a rental property. I’d recommend some solar or battery-powered string lights to drape across the living space for starters. Next, bring your classiest duvet cover for your bed and decorate the space with plush throw pillows and extra blankets. Finish off the décor with some vibrant houseplants, ample seating, and voila! You’ve got a stylish area to kick back in, surrounded by the company of forest friends.

Interested in trying glamping? Incorporate at least one of these ideas into your next camping trip and see how you like it!

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