As summer quickly rounds the corner, the temperatures begin to drop to a more manageable level for camping. Who likes waking up covered in a film of sweat and dirt, anyways? Definitely not me. But lucky for us, fall brings the promise of perfect campfire nights, followed by sound sleeping sessions on the campsite, in the backyard or wherever you choose to pitch your tent.

So you start strategizing your fall trips, and leave it up to a big camping brand like Burton to cover the rest. If you attend festivals regularly or enjoy showcasing your style in fun and expressive ways, then you’ll be a huge fan of Burton’s latest gear release. From colorful prints, to subdued, yet alluring graphics, they truly thought of every personality in their latest designs. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t leave your style at home on those long camping trips, keep reading, because you’re about to get a serious upgrade.

Camping Tents

Rabbit Ears 6 Tent

Okay, seriously? The Burton Rabbit Ears 6 Tent has got to be the coolest tent I’ve ever seen. Not only is it covered in psychedelic, vibrant mandalas, but it’s extremely functional as well. This tent of your dreams sleeps six people comfortably and sets up in minutes. It comes equipped with built-in mesh windows, night vision reflective webbing, fully taped waterproof seams, a coated rain fly and much, much more. Enjoy this tent in three seasons out of the year, and make all your neighbors envy your camping swag.

If you aren’t the flashiest type when it comes to your clothes, or camping gear for that matter, hey, I get it. Not everyone can pull off a trippy tie-dye tent. The Burton Blacktail Tent is perfect for two people, and equally as attractive as the Rabbit Ears, just in an understated way. The tent has fully taped waterproof seams, night vision reflective material, 2 vestibules for gear storage and internal organization. From festival hopping, to backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail, you can no doubt do it all.

Sleeping Accessories

Dirt Bag 40 Sleeping Bag

Although we never want to go to sleep on a camping trip, at some point, we have to leave the campfire and get some shuteye before the next day’s adventure. The Burton Dirt Bag Sleeping Bag will make leaving that campfire all the more easy. It’s made of quilted synthetic insulation and can be used in three seasons of the year (even in temperatures as low as 39 degrees Fahrenheit)! You can unzip it completely to double-up as a comfortable for your backseat, couch or campsite table, and you can even zip it up to another Burton Dirt Bag 40 Sleeping Bag to create a two-person sleeping bag! How cool is that!?

An absolute must during camping is something I never thought to purchase until working in the outdoor industry, yet now, I can’t live without one. The Burton Cabin Cruiser Sleeping Pad will keep you comfortable and insulate your heat on those cold, fall nights. For your convenience, the sleeping pad is self inflating and extremely lightweight. It even comes in that fun, colorful pattern that the Burton Rabbit Ears Tent comes in. It’s like Burton has thought of everything!? The high density foam is ultra plush and cozy. I’m getting sleepy just thinking about it…

Honey Baked Hammock

Some people prefer sleeping in a hammock, and I’m right there with you. They’re supportive, super comfortable and breathable on a muggy night. The Burton Honey Baked Hammock hits all the requirements for your hammock hunting needs. The durable 200D polyester has built in cords for a quick setup, an attached stuff sack with a hidden stash pocket and a convenient koozie. It’s machine-washable and ready for any adventure your heart desires.

Who said camping gear had to be filled with hues of forest green and soft beige? Burton broke all the rules with their new camping products, and I don’t know about you, but I’m in the market for a new tent…

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